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The symposium will feature the state of the art on Structural and Cell Biology research, highlighting the importance of multidisciplinary approaches to study biological systems. The scientific program includes four sessions: X-ray Crystallography, Cryo Electron Microscopy, NMR and Molecular Dynamics and Advanced Techniques in Cell Biology Using Synchrotron Radiation. It will offer a valuable opportunity for Brazilian and Latin American students and young researchers to get in touch with experts in various techniques for Biology research.


The symposium will be held at the Carlos Chagas Institute, FIOCRUZ-Paraná.


Invited Speakers

Alejandro Buschiazzo         (Pasteur Institute, Uruguay)

Chuck Farah                       (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Eva Pereiro                         (Synchrotron ALBA, Spain)

Fabio Almeida                    (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Frédéric Jamme                 (Synchrotron SOLEIL, France)

Glaucius Oliva                    (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Marcos Roberto Fontes     (São Paulo State University, Brazil)

Nadia Izadi-Pruneyre         (Pasteur Institute, Paris, France)

Nilson Zanchin                   (Carlos Chagas Institute, FIOCRUZ-PR, Brazil)

Roberto Dias Lins Neto      (Aggeu Magalhães Research Center, FIOCRUZ-PE, Brazil)

Rodrigo Portugal                (National Center for Research in Energy and Materials, Brazil)



Beatriz Guimarães (Carlos Chagas Institute, FIOCRUZ-PR)

Cristina Nonato      (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto, USP)

Nilson Zanchin       (Carlos Chagas Institute, FIOCRUZ-PR)





Registration and abstracts submission will be open soon.

Registration for the symposium should be done independently of the registration for the ABCr meeting.


Registration Fees

Students (Grad/Undergrad)
Participating in the ABCr meeting (or ABCr associate)    R$ 50,00
Symposium only                                                              R$ 80,00

Pos-Doctoral fellows
Participating in the ABCr meeting  (or ABCr associate)   R$ 80,00
Symposium only                                                            R$ 120,00

Participating in the ABCr meeting (or ABCr associate)   R$ 150,00
Symposium only                                                             R$ 200,00

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